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It is at 19 John St, Cabramatta, NSW 2162. However, many consultants are working onsite, meaning we are mobile and meet with our clients wherever is best suited to them.


There are many reasons behind it. here are some major key points:

  • Reduce our costs to maximise returns for clients. At the end of the day, all costs are covered by income generated from running our business. In the past, we have seen many agencies try to cut costs in the wrong areas resulting in poor customer service, inattention to detail in rental property inspections and in the worst cases misappropriation of funds held on behalf of clients.

  • Reduce our costs to maximise our own returns. We are not making money when employees are just sitting idly in an office. We need our employees to be on-site to carry out business (sale inspections, signing contracts and agreements, periodic rental inspections) so that we can optimise our costs while still maintaining exceptional customer service.

  • Mobilisation. We meet up with our clients at the time and location that best suits them without interrupting their daily life, as we are sure that they have better plans than to spend their after work hours, weekends or holidays on traveling to and meeting with agents.

  • eBusiness. It is all online nowadays. We are able to serve our clients anywhere and at anytime without being restricted to an office.



There are several key points to consider:

  • Most transactions these days are done via bank transfer, the exception being cheques for property sales. However, when cash is involved, we will arrange pre-printed receipts so that at least two authorised persons in the agency will be aware of cash involvement and ensure a secure transaction.

  • An agency with a shopfront does not warrant your money is safe and secure. In the past, we have seen many agencies working in our area pack up and leave overnight without a trace. The same issue will occur if the business owner is no longer able to carry out their duty (e.g. one recent case in 2013 with a real estate agency in Canley Vale).

  • We are fully insured and licensed to operate! Not many agencies issue copies of and show you how to validate their licence and insurance coverage. This is a cost that we do not cut so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their money is safe.

    We always urge our customers to check licence and insurance records to ensure they are currently active prior to signing any agency agreement as this is the only way to ensure that they are fully covered.

  • All of our accounts require a minimum of two authorised and unrelated persons to sign off on every outgoing transaction, and there is no cash withdrawal option for any of the accounts. Both of these measures ensure that no individual employee is able to gain access to the accounts' funds.

  • Our shareholders are well-known in this region and other suburbs within metropolitan Sydney, including a strata manager who has been working here for over 20 years, a temple master who has looked after this region for over 15 years, and other successful local businesspeople.


This is a very interesting question, and the answer may surprise you.

  • Franchises are still individual businesses. The real estate business is very unique as it does not operate like other franchises such as McDonalds or Coffee Club where there are set rules to follow. If you pay close attention to the business cards of prominent franchise agencies, you will see in fine print that "each office is independently owned and operated". In other words, each office has its own set of systems, rules and procedures and you are not covered by other companies or franchises if the one you deal with has any wrongdoing. There is no real benefit to the customer! Even so, many customers are not aware of this and think they are covered under a big franchise group when this is most often not the case. Many real estate business owners join franchises to take advantage of this.

  • Non-essential cost. Franchises do not provide better value or protection for our customers, so we do not see any reason to take up the franchise name. Instead we eliminate this (yet another) non-essential business cost, and pass it onto our valuable customers to increase their own profit margins.


Of course not! Otherwise, we would be out of business by now. Just to give you an idea, we have over $30,000 held in our trust account (the account we use to collect periodic rental payments from tenants on behalf of landlords) within the first two weeks of our rental division opening (as of 11 August 2014). This figure will give you some idea about the number of properties that have been transferred to us for management, and we can assure you these properties all belong to different owners (not just a single client). As transfer between agencies of property management normally takes 1-2 months, we are expecting to obtain many more listings in the coming months.


You can manage it yourself as long as you have time to look after it, have the knowledge, have the right insurance cover, and able to look after the property even when you are on holiday or sick. In facts, many of our landlords are very knowledgable with rental, however they still engaged with us for property management as we delivered better result with lower cost for them.










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